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Body Composition Analysis

Mobile Body Scans operates in Canberra and the local region, we provide mobile medical grade body composition scanning to ensure you are achieving the most out of your daily exercise and living choices. The InBody 570 is a bioelectric impedance body composition analyser that uses the 8 point tactile electrode, including thumb technology. It works by measuring your body parts individually instead of as a whole, providing an instant detailed report. Our lifestyle coaches are licensed personal trainers who are knowledgeable about the importance of healthy diet and fitness decisions. We are registered with Fitness Australia and are included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.

Health & Fitness Group Packages

Activate and enhance your business, we travel to locations such as gyms, health and wellness centres plus corporate offices. Our qualified team will interpret your report and provide guidance for healthy solutions.

Health, Fitness & Corporate Events are available, with no financial outlay and we come to your venue or office.

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Body Cleanse & homeopathic Drops

Homeopathic essence that are placed under the tongue to be rapidly absorbed. It is believed to allow a person to use and live on more of their stored fat than on what they eat. It is believed to trigger the body to provide a constant flow of food received from the abnormal fat that your body is breaking down and using when on the HCG diet. That means burning 3500 to 4000 calories of stored abnormal fat and losing 1/4-1 kilo a day. Your weight loss is guaranteed if you follow the protocol.

3 step program to clean eating and healthy weight-fat loss.

  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free
  • Artificial sugar and colour free

Many people may not know but there are 3 kinds of fat, and the fat you hate is the fat everyone struggles with, it is referred to as “Abnormal Fat” and HCG loves the fat you hate by what many HCG users describe as dissolving fat.

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My Body

✔︎ Every single scan available online

✔︎ View each scan in depth

✔︎ View your ongoing results history as progress charts

✔︎ Daily calorie needs calculator

✔︎ 24 different measurements presented in bar charts and line graphs

✔︎ Integrated detailed explanation of results, including videos

✔︎ Plus much, much more.

We take your scanning experience to the next level!

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We’re very excited today to announce the release of our amazing online results platform (the first of it’s kind in Australia) – My Body Results

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